north-america-financeCommercial Motor Vehicle Consulting (CMVC) is narrowly focused on marketing research and analysis and forecasts for the North American commercial vehicle industry. CMVC’s exclusive focus on the North American commercial vehicle industry has resulted in its superior research and analysis, as no single database, primary or secondary, can cost-effectively meet customers’ information planning requirements as data must be collected and analyzed from several databases, secondary and/or primary, to meet customers’ planning requirements cost-effectively. Superior marketing research and analysis is only gained from experience of continuously analyzing the North American commercial vehicle industry and Chris Brady, principal of CMVC, has more than 25 years of experience analyzing the North American commercial vehicle industry. CMVC understands the strength and weakness of secondary databases as well as the techniques required to cost-effectively develop primary databases to meet customers’ unique information requirements. In addition to providing accurate marketing information, CMVC draws conclusions and recommendations to help customers meet their planning requirements.

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truck04Chris Brady established Commercial Motor Vehicle Consulting (CMVC) in 1999 as he saw opportunities in providing clients with superior marketing research and analysis by focusing exclusively on the North American commercial vehicle industry. Many other firms analyze other industries, such as agricultural and construction equipment markets, in addition to the commercial vehicle market or exclude segments of the commercial vehicle industry, such as parts and service aftermarket, causing these firms to lack the in-depth understanding to the commercial vehicle industry.

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databaseMary Beth Brady joined CMVC in 2002 to manage CMVC’s expanding databases, primary as well as secondary databases. Mary Beth's responsibilities include Polk Aftermarket Databases, OVERDRIVE owner-operator databases, proprietary research databases and secondary databases.  

Before joining CMVC, Mary Beth worked at Staff Managers, an employment search company. Mary Beth responsibilities included managing CRM databases as well as payroll databases.

Mary Beth graduated from Suburban Tech in 1992 and Gloria K in 1991 with specialization in database management.

handshakeCommercial Motor Vehicle Consulting (CMVC) has developed alliances with other marketing research specialists, whom Chris Brady has worked with over the years at Martin Labbe Associates and Wharton Econometrics (WEFE Group) and from networking for over 25 years in the commercial vehicle industry. CMVC brings marketing research/analysis specialists into projects when their unique talents are required to meet clients’ information needs.  

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