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A brief overview of Chris Brady with respect to background and Commercial Motor Vehicle Consulting with respect to marketing research and analysis and products and services provided to customers.

A discussion of the development and sales of alternative fuel commercial vehicles, trucks and buses.

A discussion of the development of autonomous or self-driving trucks.

A discussion of the restructuring of the traditional retail industry in response to e-commerce sales and the impact upon transportation services and trucks demand by fleets.

Consultant -6


presentationChris Brady, principal of Commercial Motor Vehicle Consulting (CMVC), speaks at many industry conferences providing insightful analysis to the commercial vehicle industry. Some of the conferences Chris has spoken at include the Heavy Duty Manufacturers Association’s (HDMA) Business Forum, Automotive Market Research Council (AMRC) Conferences, Western Highway Institute, HDMA’s Heavy Duty Dialogue at HD Aftermarket Week, Used Truck Association and other industry conferences as well as at company sites.

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Commercial Motor Vehicle Consulting is focused exclusively on marketing research/analysis and forecasts of the North American Commercial Vehicle Industry. Analysis includes economic, vehicle demographics, political/regulations and industry trends that are rapidly changing the commercial vehicle marketing environment.

Customers include truck and bus makers (OEMs), OE and aftermarket parts/component suppliers, body builders/installers, motor carriers (private fleets and for-hire carriers), leasing companies, tire companies, oil/lubricant companies, tire dealers, parts distributors, trade publications, industry trade organizations, information technology/communication/telematic companies, truck dealers and financial institutions.

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