discussionCMVC develops customized marketing researching and analysis to answer customers’ unique information requirements. The process begins with a detailed discussion between CMVC and the customer to identify research objectives. Following discussion, CMVC develops a proposal designed to meet the customer’s objectives and CMVC and the customer review the proposal to ensure the company’s objectives are fully met. This may seem intuitive, but many times proposals spur additional discussions resulting in a further refinement of research objectives.

Call us and let us design a proposal to meet your company’s unique information requirements. Proprietary research and analysis is solely for your company and is not shared with other companies.

Some of our past Proprietary Research Projects include:

  • Segmentation of the Commercial Vehicle Population
  • Tire Sizes by Make\Models\Model Years
  • Commodity Flow Analysis for Trucks in Linehaul Segments
  • Competitive Analysis of the Axle Market
  • Marketing Analysis of the Class 8 Day Cab Market
  • Forecast Class 6-8 Truck Sales by OEMs
  • Forecast Class 8 Day Cab Sales by OEMs
  • Axle Rating for Class 5-8 Vehicles by Make\Model\Model Years
  • Marketing Analysis of the For-hire LTL Truck Segment
  • Marketing Analysis of the Class 8 Used Truck Market
  • Marketing Analysis of Miles Driven by GVW Classes
  • Class 7 Vehicles Horsepower/Torque by Make\Model\Model Years
  • Size of the Truckstop Motor Oil Aftermarket
  • Owner-Operators’ Truck Purchasing Behavior

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